October 2014, our house in Salento!

So after 10 years of holidaying in Southern Italy every summer, we finally have our dream!


We used to say, “wouldn’t it be lovely to have somewhere of our own here, somewhere to escape the mad hustle and bustle of work life in London, our own bolt hole”. Thinking it would be something we would do much later in life we never thought it would be a reality so soon.

But, I love scouring the internet for properties and took the plunge and contacted an estate agent via his website. It was a Sunday but I received an immediate response: “this bodes well”, I thought.

A number of email exchanges took place over the following couple of months and then it was time for our holiday to Puglia. So, we arranged to meet in the square of a small town called Spongano to view a number of properties. Now, when I say a number, I think by the end of that day we had seen 15 houses… I was in my element, my husband was exhausted!

All the properties we saw were renovation projects which meant climbing through cobwebs and over uneven floors, to battling through overgrown gardens – houses which could really be described as ruins. But, you have to have vision (lots of it) and belief that one day you could make this your home.

Over the next 12 to 18 months (hopefully) I’ll be updating my blog with reports of progress on the house and sharing with you the story of our renovation. Watch this space…