Working on new patterns


At Cordello Home we try not to follow fashion slavishly, rather create patterns that we love, that we hope our customers will love in colours that will brighten your home and make you smile when you see them.

As you know, our designs are all centred around the use of the iconic heart symbol and there are just so many different patterns to explore…

Our range of placemats and coasters feature our patterns using just two colours, but they are still amazingly vibrant and colourful!

We’ve also added to our patterns and launched two new ones; Upside down Heart (yellow and grey) and Heart over Heels (purple and pink). Making up the collection of four prints, is our Cordello Heart pattern in purple and the stunning Queen of Hearts in a beautiful turquoise and blue.

And our lovely napkins and oven gloves also feature our Cordello Heart pattern in purple.


We will be launching our Signature Collection in June 2015. Taking inspiration from our Cordello logo and colour palette, this will be an elegant and classic range. To give you an idea of where we’re heading, here’s a mood board inspired by the Salento region of Puglia, Italy.