September 2015, the end of Summer

Summer is coming to an end in Salento. The beach clubs are open only for the first couple of weeks of September, although the weather is still beautiful. August is the traditional holiday month in the region and this is where Italians come for their summer holidays. Numbers swell and the area is inundated with tourists. It’s hot, busy and exhausting so come September, the locals are exhausted.

Having had the majority of August off work, we were keen to see the house and get the renovation back on track. We’re rather optimistically aiming for Christmas… a little unlikely!


The back garden still looks like a building site, but inside the house the first fix of water and electrics has been completed, with all the pipes laid for the underfloor heating.




The back of the house, which will have a pergola all the way across the back, creating the perfect area for dining.