November 2015, progress!

Unusually for November in Salento, the weather is 18 degrees and sunny. I remember this time last year when we came to finalise the purchase of the house, it was definitely quite cold. But, the sun is shining and the skies are clear, which means good progress at the house.


The front of the house has all been rendered and the beautiful old stone cleaned.


Gravel is down on the front drive, ready for the stone to be laid. The house looks surprisingly “modern” with the crisp new render. In fact, the back of the house looks positively “new” which I had thought was impossible. It will all soften up when we put up the rusted metal pergola and have some plants growing.


The old lean to outside our master bathroom has been restored with a new roof. This will become an outside storage area, for the garden furniture and additional space for wine, perhaps!


Where you see all the grey concrete, this will be covered with old reclaimed stone, which will contrast with the new render. The walls will eventually also be painted white.


Inside all the plaster has been finished and the detailing of the old stone will be left and cleaned. We also discovered two fireplace surrounds – the second one was probably added to aid the smoke to escape up the chimney. A lovely bit of history!


It’s been a busy trip – we’ve ordered our kitchen appliances and confirmed the colour for the windows and doors. Our next visit will be January, roll on the New Year!