January 2016, doors & windows!

Celebration as after several months of waiting, we finally have doors and windows!


Doors and windows certainly help give the house a homely feel – clearly important for security and ensuring it’s watertight. The weather has been beautiful (look at the blue skies in the photos) but the rain will come in the next few months. After all, the olives need watering!

Externally, the front drive is being prepared for the stone paving – in fact, over the next day it was completed.


And inside it’s the first time we have seen our tiles. The hallway is nearly complete (just a border around the edges now) and doesn’t it look incredible? It’s everything we hoped it would be – a grand entrance at the front door, leading your eyes to the doors to the garden. Remember they are handmade and theĀ pattern is very complicated. The overall effect is stunning.


And here’s the tiles in one of the guest bathrooms. I just love them!


The builders have started on the kitchen too, which will be polished concrete when complete.


Our next visit will be March and we’re hoping we’ll be very close to finishing…